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Related Projects

Projects implementing the K3s distribution are welcome additions to help expand the community. This page will introduce you to a range of projects that are related to K3s and can help you further explore its capabilities and potential applications.

These projects showcase the versatility and adaptability of K3s in various environments, as well as extensions of K3s.

Bootstrapping a Multi-Node K3s cluster via Ansible

For users seeking to bootstrap a multi-node K3s cluster, we recommend the use of an Ansible script. This approach simplifies the process of setting up a K3s cluster by automating the installation and configuration of each node.

For this, take a look at k3s-io/k3s-ansible repository. These scripts provides a convenient way to install K3s on your nodes, allowing you to focus on the configuration of your cluster rather than the installation process.

This approach is particularly useful for creating a High Availability (HA) Kubernetes cluster, as it can be customized to suit the specific requirements of the cluster.