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Environment Variables

As mentioned in the Quick-Start Guide, you can use the installation script available at to install K3s as a service on systemd and openrc based systems.

The simplest form of this command is as follows:

curl -sfL | sh -

When using this method to install K3s, the following environment variables can be used to configure the installation:

Environment VariableDescription
INSTALL_K3S_SKIP_DOWNLOADIf set to true will not download K3s hash or binary.
INSTALL_K3S_SYMLINKBy default will create symlinks for the kubectl, crictl, and ctr binaries if the commands do not already exist in path. If set to 'skip' will not create symlinks and 'force' will overwrite.
INSTALL_K3S_SKIP_ENABLEIf set to true will not enable or start K3s service.
INSTALL_K3S_SKIP_STARTIf set to true will not start K3s service.
INSTALL_K3S_VERSIONVersion of K3s to download from Github. Will attempt to download from the stable channel if not specified.
INSTALL_K3S_BIN_DIRDirectory to install K3s binary, links, and uninstall script to, or use /usr/local/bin as the default.
INSTALL_K3S_BIN_DIR_READ_ONLYIf set to true will not write files to INSTALL_K3S_BIN_DIR, forces setting INSTALL_K3S_SKIP_DOWNLOAD=true.
INSTALL_K3S_SYSTEMD_DIRDirectory to install systemd service and environment files to, or use /etc/systemd/system as the default.
INSTALL_K3S_EXECCommand with flags to use for launching K3s in the service. If the command is not specified, and the K3S_URL is set, it will default to "agent." If K3S_URL not set, it will default to "server." For help, refer to this example.
INSTALL_K3S_NAMEName of systemd service to create, will default to 'k3s' if running k3s as a server and 'k3s-agent' if running k3s as an agent. If specified the name will be prefixed with 'k3s-'.
INSTALL_K3S_TYPEType of systemd service to create, will default from the K3s exec command if not specified.
INSTALL_K3S_SELINUX_WARNIf set to true will continue if k3s-selinux policy is not found.
INSTALL_K3S_SKIP_SELINUX_RPMIf set to true will skip automatic installation of the k3s RPM.
INSTALL_K3S_CHANNEL_URLChannel URL for fetching K3s download URL. Defaults to
INSTALL_K3S_CHANNELChannel to use for fetching K3s download URL. Defaults to "stable". Options include: stable, latest, testing.

This example shows where to place aforementioned environment variables as options (after the pipe):

curl -sfL | INSTALL_K3S_CHANNEL=latest sh -

Environment variables which begin with K3S_ will be preserved for the systemd and openrc services to use.

Setting K3S_URL without explicitly setting an exec command will default the command to "agent".

When running the agent, K3S_TOKEN must also be set.