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K3s Binary Tools

The K3s binary contains a number of additional tools the help you manage your cluster.

k3s serverRun the K3s management server, which will also launch Kubernetes control plane components such as the API server, controller-manager, and scheduler.
k3s agentRun the K3s node agent. This will cause K3s to run as a worker node, launching the Kubernetes node services kubelet and kube-proxy.
k3s kubectlRun an embedded kubectl CLI. If the KUBECONFIG environment variable is not set, this will automatically attempt to use the config file that is created at /etc/rancher/k3s/k3s.yaml when launching a K3s server node.
k3s crictlRun an embedded crictl. This is a CLI for interacting with Kubernetes's container runtime interface (CRI). Useful for debugging.
k3s ctrRun an embedded ctr. This is a CLI for containerd, the container daemon used by K3s. Useful for debugging.
k3s etcd-snapshotPerform on demand backups of the K3s cluster data and upload to S3. See Backup and Restore for more information.
k3s secrets-encryptConfigure K3s to encrypt secrets when storing them in the cluster. See Secrets Encryption for more information.
k3s certificateCertificates management. See Certificate Rotation for more information.
k3s completionGenerate shell completion scripts for k3s
k3s helpShows a list of commands or help for one command